Looking For Blue Whale?

Recent Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 12 October 2017 15:38

Guide the teenagers or Blue Whale story will continue...

Blue Whale, a killer game has been the talked about issues of the time. This name has created a huge curiosity and confusion all around the world and Bangladesh is no exception. This is an online game and known to be horrifyingly dangerous for its consequences. at least 130 teen deaths across Russia and recently one more in Bangladesh is either caused or rumored for this game.This article is an attempt of awareness and conceptual guide for you.

Many point out online game addiction as a problem in comparison to drug addictions.This generation engages with online social media along with online games most of the times. This online addiction is the common scenario all over the world, more in Europe. Teenagers are drifting from family affection and social values that certainly is the root of anarchy, juvenile delinquency and long-term frustration leading them to commit suicide.

Blue whale was invented by Philipp Budeikin,a 21-year of age and a student of psychology who got expelled from University. Frustrated, he decides to create a game that gambles with teenage thoughts. The game was first designed in 2013 by the Russain hacker team called F57. But it got enormous publicity in 2015 through a social media, Vk.com when it was released with the completed version.

Interestingly, you won’t find out the game searching through google, play store, app store or any other media. You will be able to get the game through a secure site like dark web which is the site of unethical activity. However, I must pay Budeikin the credit to develop a type of computer games which is clearly more addictive than many others online games.

Now let’s discuss detail about the dangerous game and how it leads towards death. This game has to be played in 50 rounds in 50 days of time. No doubt, each of the rounds are very thrilling and full of scary and challenging adventures.

Blue Whale has another name, A Sea Of Whale, A Silent House, Wake Up At 4:20am aimed to kill the emotional and frustrated teenagers. In Russia, two sisters were few of the firsts who committed suicide after completing all 50 rounds by jumping from a 14 storied building.

When you install the game, automatically the admin gets particulars like Fb and email password, bank information, ip address, residence location, family information and other important details of you. However, you might think yourself quite stout not to commit suicide under any circumstances but this happened to be the root cause of the suicides as per the case study reveals. While signing up for the game in pre-start phase you are notified with a warning message that you can not skip any of the rounds and finally it may result you to commit suicide.

If you are interested to play the game even after getting alarming notes like this, you are in the right track to participate 50 fearing round successfully. But the first 10 rounds are known for attracting you into the game . Number of lucrative activities like watching horror movie at mid-night, going beside any fearful places alone, walk acrossing roof top corner etc.

By this time admin took the personal information like photos including his/her nudity and even unethical relationship. Gradually the task of the next round get tougher for the gamer. They motivate them for physical wounding and the admin got all the update getting photos from the gamer.

After 30 round, admin provide a sense of drug or ask to consume alcohol. Gradually gamer get hypnotised and get crazy to play the next rounds and they have no other options to get rid of. Slowly admin order them for powerful drug and at a time the game player burst out to get rid of the game. Even the teen aged player got disconnected from the family by this time. So, they stay in a very frustrated life.

However, on that moment admin blackmail them and finally the player has to commit suicide. This is basically style of the killing game-Blue Whale.

Basically, the teenage is the dreaming period for every human. There is high chance for the teenagers floating with the current practices. So, People need to be very careful to keep away their child from abusive entertainment. Elders need to adhere the emotion, sentiment, and expectations of the young generation.

Computer game addiction often leads to deterioration in family relationships. So natural development and outdoor sports must be encouraged. Curious teenage mind are enthusiastic to discover the unknown and see the unseen. They may not find the right way always and hence the responsibility of the elders come in.