Takeout opens in Colombo, SriLanka

Lifestyle Naima Zaman from Dhaka on 18 October 2017 19:04

Takeout wins the competition of being the first local burger shop to go international. Takeout Lanka has opened.

The popular burger shop in Bangladesh, Takeout, opens a chain in Colombo, Srilanka. Just like other American franchises like TacoBell, Srilanka has just experienced a chain burger shop from Bangladesh. The news came to consideration after going viral via personal posts in Facebook and other social media. While Bangladeshis are basking in the accomplishment of a local burger shop opening a chain abroad, some Lankan foodies are considering it to be an outpost restaurant.

TakeOut is considered to be one of the leading and pioneering burger shops in Bangladesh that indeed taught the mass to become burger lovers with a serving that’s not only generous but also delicious and standard. In other words, “Burger” was redefined: It is no longer a bun with a kebab patty that is dry with a slice of tomato and lettuce. It’s now a warm buttered bun with minced meat patty served in different sizes and types, plain or cheese stuffed, with variations of sauces, pickles, cheese and bacon and these are all customizable. As per their tagline, the menu comprises of burgers, fries and shakes. Indeed a limited menu and that has helped them gain popularity as they kept working into making it the perfect one.

Competing with Takeout, other burger shops in Bangladesh includes American Burger, Madchef, Chillox and the recent international chain Burger King. Takeout just took off first in the competition by opening a chain internationally. The Takeout Lanka menu is expected to be similar to that of Bangladesh and the investors hope this will be successful over their estimated time.

The news is not yet very official but viral posts suggest the shop opened early October 2017 and the images definitely shows the business rolling with customers in. But it can be a bit overwhelming for customers having multiple burger shops around and a bit too much for a chain abroad. Yet, foodies in Colombo have recommended Takeout if people are on the lookout for good burgers. It is a lot of work standing out as an international chain amongst the locals but definitely possible. Needless to say, Takeout did make us proud by going global.