Changing Trends of Advertisement in Bangladesh is a Great Achievement of Digital Era

Business Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 20 July 2017 16:49

Advertising act like a bridge between people and product and a medium of interaction. We witness variation and diversifying efforts too much in advertising Medias that make it a great industry of the age.

Once upon a time magazine was the famous and only trend of advertising in Bangladesh. I still remember those days when I used to wait for colorful pages of magazine at my high-school life.

I think writing along with colorful photo can make good combination together to attract people or to have a look on it. Besides, it may develop a good reading habit.

Moreover, daily newspapers always have taken a vital role as an advertising medium in our country. Most of the people have the habit to have a look on the daily newspaper before leaving home every day.

So, I think newspaper is one of the strong mediums to spread an advertisement as like smell of flower. My other observation is regarding TVC (Television Commercial) that has enhanced rapidly as a strong media in our country.

There are attractive advertisement in our TVC which are to be appreciated for innovative cast and thought provoking themes. These TVCs are getting to be a good subject in gossip. Wall paint, banner or bill board are also advertising mediums but it is found sometime just as a poster of popular TVCs.

Therefore, network marketing companies have changed the flavor of advertisement. They have broken bridge and adopted policies to promote their product.

Moreover, a digital touch of globalization has changed the country and lifestyle. Along with the life style, the trend of advertising has also changed in a revolutionary way.

Online advertising has become more popular than any other advertising Media ever. As people remains busy most of their time in social media or online communications, it became also equivalent medium such as TVC.

This is as pure medium called as infotainment (information entertainment). Also we can get multiple taste like magazines, newspaper etc. However and whatever be the medium, be it a TVC, banner, online or wall, it became a language of expression and dimension in the world of creativity.