Turn Your Pageviews into Money

Business Shuvo Rashid from Dhaka on 31 July 2017 13:18

Earning money with G&R is easy. All you need to know is pricing, ad sizes and ad placement.

How G&R works?

G&R is the largest online ad market in Bangladesh.

We work with all the top advertisers of Bangladesh. On the other hand 3000+ Bangladeshi websites are connected with us, which includes top level news portals. Our next generation advertising network system combines these two parties to serve ads on publisher websites and share revenue for pageviews and qualified clicks.

How do I become a publisher on G&R?

Three easy steps to becoming a G&R publisher:

  1. Register for a G&R account on our website.
  2. Submit your website for review by clicking “New Property+” button in the publisher account. Follow Content Guidelines to make sure your website is compatible with G&R standard.  
  3. After your property is approved, create ad places and insert the ad code on your site.
G&R offers various types of ad sizes and you can select whichever ones fit your site from the create ad place form. Once you have placed ad codes on your website, G&R will start sharing ad revenue with you.

Revenue Share

Every time a website visitor views one of your webpage with G&R ad, you get paid. If an ad campaign is sold at ‎৳70 Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), publishers will get 30% of the booked CPM price. For 1000 ad impressions, the publisher will be paid ৳21.

Who sets the prices?

To create a homogeneous marketplace, we set ad prices for the benefit of both parties.

How much money will I make per month if I sign up with G&R?

It is difficult for us to estimate how much revenue you will make per month. It depends on various factors.

  1. Site performance : Is your site loading quickly enough for an ad to load before a visitor navigates away? Are people staying on your site for a long time, visiting multiple pages?

  2. Site traffic : The number of visitors you had last month could go way down or way up this month. This will greatly increase or decrease your revenue.

  3. Revenue Share : Publisher revenue shares vary depending on web traffic. If your site is more popular, you will receive a higher revenue share, increasing your overall revenue.

  4. Advertiser Rate : G&R charges advertisers different rates depending on the advertising package they choose. If an advertiser is only targeting Dhaka, for example, they will pay more than an advertiser with no targeting preferences.

To get a better idea of how much revenue you’ll be making per month, we invite you to place some of our ad code on your site for 7 days as a test. From those numbers, we can give you an idea of how much revenue you could be expecting after one month.

Cashout policy

Monthly payments will be paid locally in Bangladeshi taka with either bKash or physical cheque. Minimum cash out limit is ‎৳1000 for bKash and ‎৳5000 for physical cheque.

Can I serve ads on my mobile applications?

Sure you can! Sign up and submit your property as ‘Application.’

Can I choose ad types on my site?

There’s no option to choose ads. But you can block certain ads if you don’t want to publish them on your sites.

What is third party backfill ads?

G&R works with a number of international ad networks to better monetize your site. We call these ads “backfill” because they only show if a local ad is unavailable at that moment.

What makes G&R different than any other international Ad networks?

One thing makes us unique is we work locally. We serve local ads to local websites. We pay with local currency at locally. For better user experience we give support to our users locally. Everyone is welcome to our office for a cup of tea.