An Empire of The Era: Digital Trends

Lifestyle Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 7 August 2017 13:55

We became more dependent on digital system for rapid digitization of our surrounds and everyday activities than ever.

If I ask you what is the time now? Surely you are watching this questionnaire in a digital gadget or answering with a cell phone in your hand. If I again invite you for a lunch in a good restaurant environment, you will surely search the Facebook pages or foodpanda to collect the information from public reviews to get the desired restaurant.

So, the digital trend started in full swing from the beginning of 20th century that is more or less a blessing of the new era I must say. People even appreciated the digital trend happily having all the activities digitally.

Next come how we almost all are getting connected with the digital system everyday even in every seconds incredibly. Let’s see how we became even used to with the digital system. You surely will be surprised to know that we already became the digital habituated insensibly.

The basic need educational system of our country already in touch of digital system which is really a great achievement of us as a developing country. The school students are starting their study using internet, laptop or other gadget. Can you imagine?

The college and university students even performing with different contest both of inside and outside of the country, they are getting updated almost every day with the news of technology revolution. They even creating wonderful robot to mobile apps that is helping in different social activities.

For example, “Chondrobot” was made by BRACU students for the contest of Nasa Kennedy Space Center for the lunar excavation. Unbelievable but true indeed. “RIRA” is another good endeavor by Planter Bangladesh used for telepresence.

I’m pretty much sure we almost everyone mostly the city people are being habituated with digital system in our daily activities. Such as, people are using apps like Ubar, Pathau, Dhaka riders to move around even be seated inside. Seems dreaming?

Nowadays if people want have food in a good restaurant, firstly they go through the restaurant online reviews for getting best taste and satisfaction. Along with foodpanda, hungrynaki different social media are there to serve online food order and reviews.

Now let’s see how digitization ensured people’s shopping safely without having any kind of hassle going in the market. People just see the dresses including jewelry and if they like to buy the digital marketing shop are always ready to serve the consumer required product within a very short time.

Not only dress and jewellery but also every thing like daily needs(chal-dal), electronics, household chores etc are available in the online shop for anytime.

Darazonlineshop,,bagdoom,,,, those are the biggest online shop in our country.

Hence, if you want to move inside or outside of country, including the tourist zone list, living facility, food facility,costing every data regarding the tour we get from the travel agency online. Ticketshal, travel guru Bangladesh, holidays tourism etc are the travel agency are there beside you to help you in your recreation.

Moreover, the advertising trend even getting change day by day. Online ads including content marketing, info grapes, videos, banners etc are getting more popular than the traditional advertising.

Now all the activities are almost became digitized. The up coming activities will surely depends on digitization. So, the up coming trend is the trend of digitization surely i can say. What do you think?