Bangladesh is Getting More Digitized and The Touch of This Technology Has Flourished in Almost Every Sphere of Society.

Lifestyle Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 11 September 2017 17:52

Digital Bangladesh: Dreams coming true.

The slogan of “Digital Bangladesh” of the Government of Bangladesh has not been to paper but is a nearly reached reality by now. In a near past of time we found villagers watching Bengali cinema in a small black and white television with a large group.

In later stage, possessing a color television became a very matter of prestige. Scenario has changed a lot as such that television became burden to many one as every remote corner of rural areas also like to watch videos of their choice in YouTube.

Though people still enjoy world cup or cinema forming groups but not for a scarcity of TV but for an enjoyment of giant projector screen or as usual appeal of crowd. Similar is the history of telephone which was as rare as to be found in Railway station and fire service of the district.

Needless to explain that how is telephone is getting redundant over time with an wide spread of cell phone. This how we may distinguish ourselves from recent past to surprising today.

Examples of digitalization may include many popular services with what we already became familiar like registration for admission, result publication of examinations, jobs applying online, online banking like bkash etc.

Online banking has gained rapid popularity than any other financial activities of old system which stands for our excellent adaptability and acceptance towards technology. Even the cultivation process has adopted number of digital scheme.

Nowadays people has more than one smartphone in hand. People are habituated with the internet more than ever .They are getting digitized as such that digital marketing became most common phenomenon.

Can you even imagine that the rural people are giving order of dress or household chores through online shopping? There are many more developments is waiting to surprise us.