It’s Right Time To Think About Own Home In The City

Business Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 21 September 2017 18:27

Real estate companies facilitate your dream in Bangladesh.

Only having a home is not enough today. Location, decoration, affiliation and above all affordability comes into scenario while you think your dream homes to come true in the city.

Real estate companies facilitate your dream in Bangladesh. It has come up as a potential sector dramatically due to the home prices fell 20–30 percent in the last four years. So, now might be the right time to buy real estate in Dhaka city.

Since 2012 the real estate sector of Bangladesh has been in a very tight position. Limited bank loans, a bearish stock market, political instability, and lack of adequate gas and electricity supply are the basis of the dying situation, according to the study.

Then at the beginning of 2016, the sector started making a turnaround. The number of unsold flats was 10,000 in early 2016, down from 12,185 in 2014, according to the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh.

How we can reduce the deficiency of real estate market and give it a chance to build our dreaming home in the city is a burning question nowadays. The company and the stuffs need to be very careful about their work without thinking to get short time profit. 

Next exciting steps to take as well as huge possibilities for the real estate industry are the development of Dhaka East. Developed dramatically in recent years due to the construction boom and increasing number of high-rise buildings in the major urban centers of the country, most notably East of Dhaka, Chittagong and even Paira location, if airport and sea port plan becomes successful.

The rising demand for housing would continue climbing upward as people migrate from rural to urban areas. The government has taken steps in recent years to provide a boost to the real estate sector by reducing the withholding tax rates and increasing compensation rates for land acquired by the government to three times the original price.