Local Online Portal Bioscope Giving You The Best Online Streaming

Business Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 3 October 2017 13:16

The prominent telecom Grameenphone announced to launch live TV app Bioscope on 11th August this year. Bioscope provides live sportscasting with scores and latest updates.

Bangladesh is Digitized by now and the touch of technology is flourishing every day in every corner of society. We already have attained the peak of digital life​ ​in every dimension. All generations​ bec​a​me habituated with the technological diversity.

The use of technology is mandatory part of our living​​ from dusk to dawn​. Internet has brought a new dimension across the country people. Everyday we are connected​ with social media through the internet. Along with this, ​being ​entertained by​ video or audio from the internet has become a common phenomena of today’s life.

Smartphone has brought a new diversity of digital life. In fact, the world is now just in hand-right because of internet into the smartphone. Here is the magic of the online portal where people can enjoy live TV channel in both form ​of desktop and smartphone. Seems kind of imaginary but that is the ​fruit of digitization.

Previously, people had to store CV/DVD carefully to enjoy their favorite movies or songs. They need to search their favorite list from one store to another store. Where internet has ensured the relax life for the country people. Where one name is mandatory to mention is bioscope, the nation’s leading most online video streaming site. This is the first online TV portal that give you live TV channels with super fast streaming.

The prominent telecom Grameenphone announced to launch live TV app Bioscope on 11th august this year. Bioscope provides live sports casting with scores and latest updates. Free streaming of videos and video highlights are also available at one stop. It also give you the experience of fast download ever in the country.​

Still in its beta phase, the platform is free of any subscription charge during the beta period​ You shortly will turn to one of the fan​s​ of Bioscope if you ​have ​use​d​ it once in life. Because it gives you both ​the flavor ​of local and international channels which is all around 40 TV channels with clear and super fast streaming.

Most important thing is, if you ​have missed​ any of your favorite show’s episode, ​you don’t have​ to be worried ​for t​hat​. Because, you can easily access to the older episodes in Catchup TV which is very important function of Bioscope, I believe.

Besides, there is no interruption during your live streaming because there is no ad given to the live video stream that is the most entertained function of the Bangladeshi online video portal I think.

The portal is developing gradually day by day. If we see the reviews of the users, we get the assumption of the popularity of the app. In total 9,955 people showed the reviews where 6,898 of them rated 5 star which means excellent and 956 rated 4 star, 671 rated 3 star,304 rated 2 star and finally 1,126 rated 1 star. So, many of us ​may not be familiar of this name Bioscope but believe me ​this​ is really​ going to be an ​​amazing ​experience for anyone who hasn’t experienced yet​.