E-commerce the new dimension of digital trends

Lifestyle Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 3 October 2017 18:45

E-commerce is a completely new platform of digitization into the business ground which has brought the new dimension of business.

The trend or blessing of digital era is in its full swing. From the beginning of 20th century till to date, it has surprised us in number of ways. People even do welcome the digital trend by incorporating every new change in their life and activities digitally.

E-commerce is completely a new business platform which has added an extra dimension of business conception. E-commerce is an online shopping platform that helps people to shop efficiently in a safe medium free of anxiety and hassle.

People just see the necessary things including dresses, jewelry and others stuffs through the web pages and if they like to buy, the digital marketing shop E-commerce are always ready to serve the consumer required product within a very short time. Not only dress and jewellery but also every thing like daily needs(chal-dal), electronics, household chores etc are available in the online shop for anytime.

From business perspective, E-commerce is attracting business minds because of its ability to create huge impact on sales and marketing immediately. Being developed at online, suddenly a neighborhood bakery or a home based consulting service may reach to a national or international customers. Web-based sales knows no international boundaries.

According to Forrester Research upon online trends and statistics, in 2008 the online retail market for U.S business was about to $230 billion and that was full 10 percent of anticipated total retail sales.

Recently, a prominent company Adidas has announced to terminate their traditional marketing of TVC form. They have declared to focus strongly on their E-commerce site to enrich their online sales. They are strongly focusing on their target to make quadruple of their E-commerce revenue, investing a large amount if needs.

When entrepreneurs are introducing them online, they establish themselves on a level playing field with larger competitors. Even the smallest online retailer can be attractive and functional like the giant companies not needing the huge presence on every street corner. Often, small shops project a boutique feel that attracts shoppers, who perceive smaller businesses as more distinctive than larger stores.

In our country perspective, people are getting interested to develop E-commerce business gradually day by day. Consumer perspective it seems that, traditional business may not retain its usual appeal with the increasing popularity of Ecommerce.

Few leading company in our country serving online consumers in an excellent manner, for example: Daraz Online Shop, ajkerdeal.com, bagdoom, priyoshop.com, othoba.com, pickaboo.com, shadmart.com.

In fact, the prominent fashionable boutique house of our country like Le Reve, Cats Eye, Yellow, Aarong are involving their business with this new trend of digitization because of consumer requirement.

Consumer is the key to success of a business. Only consumer satisfaction can accelerate business growth and reputation. Today’s E-commerce became rollercoaster of business trend and the ultimate consumer choice.

So, E-commerce is growing up with a high demand gradually. It is a short matter of time that Ecommerce be the best market commerce as it already stands unparalleled in context of consumer demand and business prospect.