Drinkwell Ensuring Safe Drinking Water Towards The World

Business Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 5 October 2017 01:19

The motto of Drinkwell is to transform water crisis into entrepreneurial opportunity.

Water is an essentiality of human existence. An adult body is made up of about 60 and a newborn is 74 percent of water. So, pure drinking water is a vital and concerning issue in all human habitats around the world.

According to UNICEF, there are 663 million people throughout the world are still deprived of safe drinking water which is a very concerning issue. The scarcity of drinking safe and clear water is the main reason of having different types of disease which became very common fact in the context of our country.

In India and Bangladesh, the region’s drinking supply is plagued with arsenic, fluoride and iron water contamination. It has become curse of life. So, after getting 5 year experiences of implementing arsenic projects with the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee-BRAC and doing research on villager willingness to pay for clean water, Minhaj Chowdhury established drinkwell in May 2013 as a part of WIST, Inc.

Drinkwell is basically an organization that provides purification system. The organization stands beside the poor community with high level of arsenic and fluoride in their drinking water and that leads even death. Mainly their aim is to save the 200 million people who are affected by the arsenic and fluoride contaminated water and assure them a healthier, profitable future.

Drinkwell is the first company in this world uses a locally made ion exchange resin, which looks like small beads to purify the water. This is one of the most efficient methods ever that remove heavy metals and chemicals like arsenic, fluoride, iron. As a result, the system can deliver 60 times more water and 17 times more energy efficient at half of the cost.

Now let’s see how the organization assures a healthy and profitable future to the affected community. To transform water crisis into entrepreneurial opportunity is the main mission of Drinkwell organization.They use micro-franchise model to establish local water businesses in arsenic-affected areas. They sell a filter system for $8000 in Kolkata,India. Besides, the entrepreneur keep their profit and sell the purified water locally.

So, this is a very efficient business model because it franchises ​technology to ​local ​entrepreneurs, ​who make money ​from distributing ​clean water, instead of giving filters away. ​They have a ​motive to look ​after the ​system and to ​sell more water.​ Drinkwell’s ​role is to ​ensure the unit ​is always ​maintained by ​its service ​staff. ​

Drinkwell CEO Minhaj Chowdhury said that the company had sold 208 units across India, Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal and Cambodia since setting up in 2013, providing safe water to 250,000 people which is really appreciable.

Now the company has created almost 5000 jobs which is a huge success. Even Drinkwell’s technology is serving more than one million litres of safe drinking water to over a quarter million people, with zero reported cases of arsenicosis and fluorosis which is another great achievement.

Recently, he won the first-ever Under 30 Impact Challenge for his company at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, USA on 2nd October this year. According to Forbes reports,he has won $500,000 beating some tough competition. The company has got another great opportunity being the champion of the contest, that Drinkwell will able to receive consulting from The Bridgespan Group — a nonprofit focused on social entrepreneurs.

So, as a Bangladeshi, Minhaj Chowdhury has got a great success with this organization and we might say, this is also an achievement of our country.