Magnito Digital - Pioneer Digital Agency of Nation Receives Award

Business Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 9 October 2017 13:34

Magnito Digital is in a developing phase and aims to carry forward country fame as a digitized country towards the world.

Tech industry is expanding rapidly which Indicates digitization is in full swing. Bangladesh has proved their potential and has reached a stage to compete any field of technology compared to other nations.

Recently, Magnito Digital, an IT based start up in Bangladesh has participated and won the bronze price at Young Spikes Digital competition of 2017. This is a global competition organized by Young Spikes Digital and the competitors are various professional digital agency beneath the age of 30 years from different country.

In this competition, the digital agencies were called for a two days long digital campaign where they have to solve problems based upon real-life client. There were participants from 10 different countries viz Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka ,Singapore. Magnito Digital participated on behalf of Bangladesh the first time.

Magnito Digital is in a developing phase and aims to carry forward country fame as a digitized country towards the world. Their story actually talks about lot of achievement and motivation for everyone.

Young Spikes Digital Competition is not the only success they have. Another remarkable success is winning at Young Lions Competitions of Bangladesh in 2017 which was organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum in association with The Daily Star and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Magnito Digital is one of the pioneer digital agencies of our country who serve facebook content with a goal of catching up audience. Now there are more than 70 people who are working in the Magnito family with unconventional corporate culture.

Serving Digital ad to many valuable consumers has brought revelation in the country’s leading digital agency. They have massive expertise regarding brand management so easily they are able to formulate digital strategy.

For example, To make a successful campaign of the brand, they provide the best design of the banner along with the content in the right position, all those necessary curriculum decided by their expertise. Even to reach the right people, campaign timing and putting ad in the right place is also very important that is also ensured by Magnito experts.

So, Magnito Digital is proving themselves day by day and still, they are climbing upwards their position into the digital world with their relentless hardship and enthusiasm.