Digital Education system : 10 Minutes School

Lifestyle Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 15 October 2017 20:10

10 minutes school is truly effective in terms of digital education system.

Digitization is incorporated in the infrastructure of nation including education system. 10 minutes school has opened up a new horizon into the education system. This new dimension of education is a fruit of effort and innovation by an educator Ayman Sadik with a patronization support by Robi.

This is an online education organization aiming to create an easy access to education. From the context of our country whatever initiative is taken by the young enthusiast Ayman in cooperation with Robi is proving to be helpful and motivating for the learners.

10 minute school gives you short video lectures through youtube and facebook including live modes. This is very much effective way of education because research Confirms video improves learning results.

Now let us see how the new system provides effective services to us. It covers topics of math, science, history, and literature along with live classes to directly interact with students. Quizzes and model tests are available in separate module for practicing which is very much efficient for development process of the students.

All types of student would be benefited by this advanced educational system. For example, open skill development program for all, which is a great service by 10 minutes school because of creating good learning scope for the people. Besides, Progress report system is there to help people track what they have learned and recommends what they should follow next.

JSC, SSC, HSC, admission test and skill development are the main program of 10 minutes school organization. So, this organization stands beside the students in every significant stage of academic skill or skill development.

10 minutes school awarded with BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award, Swiss Embassy Award for Social Impact, MWC award,GLOMO Award at World Mobile Congress which is really deserving for their devotional creation.

So, we must appreciate this kind of innovative initiatives that helps to develop our nation by digitization. Ayman Sadik with the help of Robi finally created a great environment of education system which we can really be proud of.