G&R Completes the Summer Internship 2017 Successfully

Recent Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 7 November 2017 16:09

G&R earned the fame of friendly internship program and the strategy seems legit for corporate orientation.

Internship program plays a vital role both in academic and professional foundation for a student. Professional knowledge and experiences are well earned from Internship program which can be considered as the bridge to overcome the after graduation tough situation.

G&R is one of the nation’s most leading Tech company who offers internship programs in two sessions every year, summer and winter. Each session provides you lucrative internship module with friendly and unparalleled learning environment.

G&R’s internship module is a bit different as they don’t have a tight agenda for interns to work on. Rather it lets them decide a project and plan to execute that with team effort in a given time frame. At the end of the day, a sweet corporate orientation that lets you breathe is what excites you to be in corporates. Though the interns were all prepped up to face a tight 9 to 5 schedule and working on all week days, it was a good mix of pleasant and effortless surprise when they were given enough space and it resulted them to be massively productive in return. G&R emphasizes on interns’ potential and turn their abilities into productivity within limited period of time.

14 corporate newbies graduated the internship program this October 31st via a presentation gala. They said the experience mattered most to them rather mere getting used to a company, they learnt if they are capable they are sure to run and achieve. In a tenure of 4 months, the interns not just worked on their dream projects but also were groomed with experts from various industries- Berger, Bikroy, Bitopi, AdComm, MillWardBrown, Eskimi, PRAN to name a few. Well, who wouldn’t love this experience!

Due to the immense positivity, a lot of them expressed their sheer interest into working for G&R. Iffat Jahan Pithia, one of our summer interns,“The short but very well-structured stint at G&R has deepened my interest in the unchartered space of digital advertising and analytics industry. It offered me a great learning opportunity from the industry bests. Thanks to G&R team for making the internship program so enjoyable and practical.”

“Internship At G&R is for me 3 words Journey, Learning and Experience. It’s all about Journey of full of learning and Life time Experience.” — Omar Faruck Sabbir

After this huge Summer 2017 success, G&R is now planning for the upcoming Winter 2018 session scheduled to start from coming January They are also planning to incorporate the next program with a better strategy, keeping the new generation and learning process in mind.