Folk Fest Occupy Our Folk Heritage

Lifestyle Afsana Tanni from Dhaka on 23 November 2017 00:30

Dhaka International folk festival is a great initiative to uphold folk heritage towards the world.

​Folk music is basically song or music of unknown origin but is transmitted orally from generation to generation.​ Folk ​music springs from the heart of a community, uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules​.​ ​No standard music styles ​but implies a specific community’s lives and cultures.

Folk music ​was started by the anonymous people based on their natural expression which reflects a deep religious aspiration and non communal attributes for life. The kind of music is announced as world heritage.

Dhaka International folk festival is a great initiative to uphold folk heritage towards the world. In 2015 this great festival has been inaugurated in our country to aware people regarding the ancient folk music. The festival attracted people’s heart. So, for the third time folk fest has created a big crowed in the ground.

​​Folk music​ is popular from 8th century between (1800–1850) A.D in our country but now people seems to love it even more and is pretty loud. November 9 to 11 Nov, for the 3rd time the ​folk fest has wrapped up​ successfully at Dhaka army stadium with ​huge crowd and public ​excitement. A total of 140 folk musicians had performed from across the world. People experienced different flavor of folk starting from the mountains of Tibet to the deserts of Sahara to the valleys of Assam to the forgotten terrains of Persia and from Pakistan to Brazil.

Moreover, ​ an appreciable feature of this event was its access and security. There were a great opportunity for the people to enter into the program with free registration. However, there were strong security in every corner of the ground.

Three days long celebration of folk music with artists from Bangladesh, the Indian subcontinent and beyond​ has become the most popular event of every year. No doubt,​ folk music has already occupied a strong place as a heritage festival ​in ​the history​ of Bangladesh.